chalet le torrent


Prices based on sole occupancy of 12 people max. Please contact us for booking on a per person basis.

December 13th-20th

On Hold

December 20th-27th


December 27th-3rd

Fully Booked

January 3rd-8th*


January 8th-15th


January 15th-22nd

Fully Booked

January 22nd-29th

Fully Booked

January 29th-5th

Fully Booked

february 5th-12th


february 12th-19th

Fully Booked

february 19th-26th

Fully Booked

february 26th-5th

Fully Booked

March 5th-12th

Fully Booked

March 12th-19th

Fully Booked

March 19th-26th

Fully Booked

March 26th-2nd


April 2nd-9th

Fully Booked

april 9th-16th

Fully Booked

Prices displayed are for one week of sole occupancy of chalet.

For bookings on a room by room basis, please contact us here.


 *Week commencing 3rd January 2022 is a shortened, 5 night stay.